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Acorn Surfacing is one of the major premier construction companies located in Bristol. Established 20 years ago, the company has amassed substantial clientele and experience in offering surfacing solutions to both domestic and commercial sectors. We are determined to stay focused and satisfy the needs of our clients.

We also do resurfacing on all aspects of different grades of tarmac because we are a specialist in stone mastic asphalt. Resurfacing is crucial in road maintenance as it prevents potholes and other problems which might lead to accidents. We prefer to do resurfacing during the warmer months. The condition of the road determines the kind of resurfacing done; reconstruction for extremely damaged roads and surface treatment for less damaged ones.

Road surfacing Acorn

For more than two decades, road construction has been a core business for Acorn Surfacing. Our experience in road construction, particularly tarmacking for private developers, has attracted a huge clientele from far and wide. This is because we employ advanced and innovative techniques and technologies that are sustainable and cost effective.

We meet the developer’s objectives with the required efficiency and at a reduced cost. The commercial sector has time and again hailed Acorn Surfacing as a leading performer in the roads sector based on its timely delivery of projects, be it at small or large scale.

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Development of new housing estates also includes roads that facilitate safe and convenient movement in and out of the houses. We build access roads for new private estates as a requirement for vehicular movement which is a precondition before a developer is issued with a planning permission. Besides giving your home a good impression, an access road is also a major lifeline during bad weather and emergencies.

Our engineers will help you review the cost of construction, factoring in costs for equipment usage, base materials like sand and gravel, culverts and draining tiles and filling.

Acorn Surfacing has handled most of the commercial work for building contractors in Bristol. Our popularity is anchored on the fact that we maximize the land during road surfacing, creating ample room for parking and green space. The attention we put on quality during construction is matched only by the emphasis put on safety.

This is evidenced by the longevity of the structures that we have constructed since we started our work, and indeed there has been hardly any major complain from our clients.